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Phasetonerz (DJ)

Lawrence Breugelmans & Joost Barberien Geslacht Man


Phasetonerz, two young fellows connected by friendship and a vision in the same music,
started their DJ career 6 months ago, with not one clue what to expect.

Both passionate about hard dance music, especially Rawstyle, kept them working hard.

Really hard...

Without too much effort to be put in, they were booked at a few smaller events.

Nowadays you can hear them behind the decks every Tuesday at B-Hot Radio (

Phasetonerz is a unique and uplifting Rawstyle act that is determined to rise in the scene.

Make sure you keep an eye on these fellows, because once they're in, they can't stop!


'Beachland Festival 2011' (Blankenberge)
‘DJ Contest’ Schil On Stage (Schilde, 1st Place)
‘DJ Contest’ Sonidoz Tek (Rector, Gent, 2nd Place)
‘Schil On Stage 2011’ (Schilde)
Discotheek ‘Cherrymoon’ (Lokeren)(2x)
‘Airforce 2’ (Weelde)

Info & Bookings:

Please contact us @

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_Jill, Dimitri Broecks, Sjoerd Hakkens, Andreas Royens & Cedric Willemsen , Lawrence Breugelmans & Joost Barberien, Yves Vermeulen

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