Bodgi (DJ)

Maarten Geslacht Man

Who is he?
Bodgi is a man who loves music, he got it in his veins 24/7.. His style is most of the time the good elektro stuff, sometimes a bit of elektrohouse and if he has the time for it, he takes you on a trip through detroit house, deephouse, elektrohouse and elektro..
you just cant stand stil when hes behind the decks!

- Radio Noorderkempen (every friday from 23 - 24h)
- Party Industries
- KN Events

Bookings & contact:

More References:
- Music for life Lille [800 visitors] w/ Yves V
- Pragatown Dance Edition [600 visitors] w/ The Subs, Waxdolls, ...
- Bang Bang Chicken [1500 Visitors]
- Nightology [1000 visitors] w/ Coone
- P.I. Party Eastern Edition w/ gehts noch?
- Quatro w/ Redhead, Yves Bash
- Freak Out w/ Trish van Eynde

Dj contests:
- Line up vzw dj contest (still going but at the moment Im with the last 18 djs of 146 participants)
- 1st place Dj contest KN-Events
- 2nd Place Dj contest Malmejo
- 7nd place dj contest Crazy FM [from about 70 djs]
- ...

Shared the decks With:
The Subs,Trish van Eynde, Redhead, Yves V, Nebula H, Nid & Sancy, Waxdolls, F.R.A.N.K., Yves Bash, Gehts Noch?, Coone, E Max, W4CKO, Dark E, Lethal MG, Ruben, Drop da Funk and many more

Fans (4)

Maarten, Daryl ®, Discobar De Mega Ambi Deejays, Yves Vermeulen

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