Age Of Love XXL @ Vooruit, Ghent

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Age Of Love XXL


Age Of Love XXL  @  Vooruit,  Ghent 


Saturday, April 28th 2012



Main Room :


Da Hool aka Dj Hooligan (Meet Her At The Love Parade, Bora Bora, DE)


Jan Vervloet aka Fiocco (Scoop, Ilussion)


Zolex aka Frank Struyf (Carat, Globe)


Yves Deruyter (Cherry Moon, Bonzai Music)


Tofke (Globe, La Rocca)


Quincy from Soul Phonic (Extreme, Cherry Moon)


Phi Phi (Extreme, Boccaccio)


Marko (La Rocca, At The Villa)



Champagne Lounge area - Dance Acts – Special Effects – Lasers – Dance Platforms



Tickets: Presale: 13,00 Euro –  Add: 15,00 Euro


Presale: All Free Record Shops  &  Brooklyn Shops

              Gent: Vooruit & Charlatan  

              Online : ;   


Times: from 22h. till 6h.







Age of Love is a concept of Nik (Charlatan) and Quincy (Extreme, Soul Phonic) who started to invite some of the most prestigious dj’s from abroad and our home-country as Kevin Saunderson, Cj Bolland, Zolex, Yves Deruyter, Fly, Franky Jones, Oliver Pieters, Franky Kloeck, Phi Phi, Eric B, Tofke, Fred Nasen, Marko, Laurent Warin,... in the Charlatan in the centre of Ghent for parties with an atmosphere of the early days.


Age of Love stands for a musical trip through our electronic past with the best classics and oldskool sounds, fitting visuals, lights and dance acts.


Next to the fact that almost every edition completely sold-out, the absolute highlight of Age of Love was their own stage at ‘Feest in het Park’ in 2010. Last year Age of Love took it even one step further with an XXL edition in Vooruit in collaboration with K-events. It was a huge success with lots of smiling faces and all hands in the air at many moments.


For this new extra, extra large edition, they have again selected an even more overwhelming line-up which they will be presenting to you in the beautiful Concert-hall of the Vooruit building.


With Da Hool, who created one of the biggest hits from the electronic past ever with “Meet her at the Love Parade” and loads of big Belgian names from our own glorious dance history, it will be no problem to go back in time the whole night long and dream away to the many classics that opened our eyes and ears during the nineties.


Let the love vibes flow like in the past and imagine your-selves back on the dance-floors of the Love Parade, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Boccaccio, At the Villa or La Rocca on Sundays for that true ‘Age of Love’ feeling. Special effects, lasers and dance platforms as well as dance acts will completely support and enhance this feeling.







Da Hool





Yves Deruyter


Jan Vervloet





Quincy from SoulPhonic



Phi Phi  




More info:


Da Hool


Frank Tomiczek: aka Da Hool is one of the main players of the “techno-underground” at the end of the 1980’s. DJ Hooligan toured all the hip clubs and raves in the world and produced remixes for some of the biggest artists and projects of the time (e.g. Sven Väth, Westbam, Paul van Dyk). He also produced his own projects, as for example “La Rocca”, “Central Love”, “Hool’s Experience” and “An Active Trip”, for labels like Frankfurt Beat, Logic Records, Music Man Belgium, Important Records, etc.


In 1996 the Majors rejected his fourth single “Meet Her at the Loveparade”. Without further ado he started his own business Hool-Productions. This is what enabled him to bring his own single on the market. “Meet Her at the Loveparade” hit it big and would become an acoustic manifesto of an upcoming mainstream youth culture. From now on DJ Hooligan would call himself Da Hool.


Da Hool continues to do a good job with his remixes – in 2003 his “Da Hool Remix” of Armand van Helden’s house-hit “The Funk Phenomena” reached ..1 in the German Dance Charts and was the most popular track of the year in the UK.


Moreover, he published his tribal-track “Sip by Sip” as Hool pres. Freakstylaz on New York’s nr. 1 house-label Sondos/Subliminal. At the beginning of the 21st century, Da Hool is still a distinguished producer for labels as e.g Kosmo, Silly Spider, Subliminal, Ministry Of Sound, Hooj Choons and Toolroomtrax. From this follows that Hool is not only part of the german DJ’s elite, but also enjoys great popularity anywhere else.
His versatility and his awareness of the changes that come with the time are the key facts for his success.





This man has such a long history it makes it hard to pour it into a few sentences. In the early nineties he decided to spin electronic music only and became resident of Belgian mythical underground club ‘Globe’. At that time he did about 5 gigs a week, being one of the most popular deejays of the Benelux. After the closing of the Globe, Frank became resident of another mythical club ‘Carat’, a meeting point of Belgian, Dutch, French and German party people, where he played 12-hour sets, and made the club as we know it today.


Despite his busy dj schedule Frank still finds the time to produce his own sounds. In 1993 he created Zolex’s ‘Time modulator’, a timeless classic, copies of which were sold all over the world. And there’s more: together with R. Reynders, M. Engelen (Praga Khan) and M. vd Heyden he released several tracks on the Antler Subway label, Dance Opera. After that Frank started his own label ‘Zolex Records’. Soon he started playing at all big events, not only in Belgium but also in Spain, France, South Africa, Ibiza, the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. Meanwhile he became resident of techno house institutions like Barocci (NL), Katsu and frequently guest at Extreme, Cherrymoon and Illusion.


It’s difficult to label his musical style: he spins from techno to house to breakbeat to progressive, it depends what the crowd feels like, because he’s a dj who tells a story in his set, undoubtedly programmed, but brought by the heart & mind and mixed from the belly.




Yves Deruyter


Yves Deruyter started his DJ career in 1985 and played all famous Belgian clubs such as Globe, Barocci, Cherrymoon, Extreme, Carat, BBC, La Rocca and many more. His first single “Animals” became a big club hit in Belgium. At this stage he started playing on big raves such as May Day, Love Parade, Street Parade, Nature One, Trance Energy, Mysteryland, Inner City, Sensation Black, Dance Valley,...


His fourth single "The Rebel" was immediately signed for the world and announced his first album "D-Album" as well as 4 Cherrymoon Trax singles. After his monster cover of Underworlds classic Born Slippy, Yves Deruyter released Infinity and the mix cd Timeless Trance. This cd contains trance classics from the last two years, all Bonzai tracks. He still plays at many parties around.




Jan Vervloet


Born in Belgium, Jan Vervloet is a well-known name in the Belgium dance music scene for more than 15 years now.


As a producer he released more than 150 trax worldwide including golden records with Fiocco in Belgium , a nr 1 hit in Holland with Scoop and even a top 10 Hit in USA & France with D.H.T. More recently he created his own record company (The Hype Records/Music Trixx) including artists

such as Christophe, Dizkodude, Steve Slight, V-Roy, ...

All releases got into the Belgian Dance Charts and were spinned & broadcasted worldwide by leading DJ's.


As a DJ he has been a part of the most selected clubs & parties in the Benelux. His guest-DJ appearances are just too much to mention all (Illusion - Zino - Reflex - Millenium - Feestpaleis - Why Not Club - Metropolis - Tropicana - Beachland - I Love the 90s - Sotto's - Hulshout Goes Crazy - Kokorico - NYE XPO Kortijk - Hype XL - Cityparade - Gigadance - Qontinent...)


After all those years Jan is still one of the most respected and passionate DJ's around. He is not afraid to mash up all styles of Party Music (Electro - Retro - Progressive House - 90's - Trance - Urban - Dirty House ...) because he has only got 1 target: a dancing, screaming and packed dance-floor !!!





Tofke started djing at underground parties in Belgium in 1989. Soon he played all over Europe and fell in love with Ibiza where he became a weekly resident in Pacha for 2 years and another 2 in Space. He also played all Ibiza’s other major clubs such as Privilege, El Divino, Amnesia and underground parties like Circo Loco @ DC10 and Km5.


Back to Belgium: he was resident in almost every club as: La Rocca, Pacha Brussels, At The Villa, The Globe, Bump @ Fuse, Carat, Illusion, H2O, ... In 2007 Tofke started his own concept in the backstage of La Rocca and became resident at the new club Noxx. When Tofke mixed the 1 year Noxx compilation it went straight into the compilation charts.


In 2009 Tofke teamed up with Ugur Akkus to start Labyrinth Productions. They’ve earned their fame with the Cocoon, Cadenza, Circoloco and Peoples parties at Café d’Anvers. In September 2010, Labyrinth joined forces with Pioneer DJ, to bring a new and original concept combining workshops with a night out on the tunes of the world’s top (100) DJ’s. Of course Tofke holds a residency on all of these parties, which opened up a whole new window of opportunities.



Quincy from SoulPhonic


As a dj. Quincy from Soul Phonic has played lots of events and clubs as 10DaysOff, Laundry Day, Feest In Het Park, Kozzmozz, MuZZic, Beats Of Love, Fuse, Paradise at Café D'anvers, Montini, Noxx,  Café Capital, Decadance, ...


He’s also a well-known promoter and the driving force behind the re-opening of Extreme as well as having played a role in the re-opening of Cherrymoon. Next to that he’s been heading events in Stereo Sushi, Move in Charlatan, Rebuilding Mondays and Age of Love. He’s also mixed recent volumes of the Extreme compilations and ran several labels as Punk’Id Records and Villa65 Records.



Phi Phi


Altough Phi-Phi was born in France (30 October 1963) he started and made his career in Belgium since 1985.

He played with DJ's like Paul van Dyk, John Digweed, Danny Howells, Anthony Pappa, Sasha, CP, Cass, … and together with his studio partner Philippe Van Mullem, he made some timeless tracks like "Honey C", "Stop The Disease", "UNA - Emotion", "Can You Hear Me”, "Quadran” & “Innertales".


He’s definitely one of the few dj's who can play and produce the vanished old Belgian trance style. An unmatched track selection and a unique mixing style make him the only one who can show trance haters why their opinion is wrong. He’s known all over Belgium for his "Phi-Phi Legendary Monday's" at Extreme (Affligem, Brussels)but also carried residencies at At The Villa, Fuse, Boccaccio, Oxygene, Tour & Taxi, Cirao, Pulp, Barocca. Today you can hear DJ Phi-Phi as guest DJ in several Belgian and French clubs such as Pulse Factory, La Rocca, Happy Jack, Platinium, Cherry Moon, La Bush, Rangoon, H2O, Montuno's, ...





For the past 14 years Marko has been the resident DJ for the legendary “La Rocca on Sunday” nights, a quite remarkable achievement. For years his name appeared in the top 10 of the influential dance-music magazine “Outsoon” readers poll and in 2004 he was also voted Best Belgian Progressive DJ . Marko has often been featured in important line-ups at gigs such as the House Torhout festival, the Dance-a-Delic festival, Sensation White and the Cruises to Pleasure boat parties. Not to forget his appearances at the huge City Parade on his very own trailer/float during many years. 

In terms of releases, Marko has put together many compilations released on diverse labels of which 8 have been devoted to La Rocca. In the 90’s he remixed lots of tracks for labels such as: NEWS, Mackenzie, Bonzai and Tripomatic. In 2001 he produced “Guitar Overload” with Ton TB and worked together with Pole Folder on several remixes including “Inner Turmoil” on Bedrock Records. He also worked with Franky Jones (Enterprise Records) and released self-penned tracks as “Dark Orgy” and “4.5”, a “Marko on Sundays” remix.
Marko’s obvious passion for Dj’ing is derived from the vibe he gets from the dance-floor as well as the vibe he gets from the music he plays: Marko plays from the heart!



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