Kevin Mason - Totally Disco

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KEVIN MASON - Totally Disco

From a ballad, to an all round pop-party song, Kevin Mason is storming through the scene right now showing just what he is capable of.
"Totally Disco" isn't any old record. "Totally Disco" is a smash hit in it's own right and it's listeners I'm sure aren't going to disagree – after-all, it's almost impossible to stand still listening to this song.
Kevin Mason proves he is a born entertainer; "Totally Disco" comprises of fast rap-like verses blending into his unheard, delicate head voice and even some wacky goosebump harmonies.
It's funky, catchy, up-tempo, and to be honest, it's "Totally Disco" from the first listen. Kevin Mason is growing into the artist he's always wanted to be and he's just put a new record on your spring-summer playlist.

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