Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Afrojack and Nervo: The Way we see the world (official Tomorrowland Ant

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Nieuws afbeelding: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Afrojack and Nervo: The Way we see the world (official Tomorrowland Ant
Nieuws thumbnail: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike ft Afrojack and Nervo: The Way we see the world (official Tomorrowland Ant

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike zijn terug voor een nieuwe Tomorrowland anthem!
Voor deze anthem hebben ze een team gevormd met Afrojack en Nervo en leveren zo "The Way We See the World" af, de enige echte Tomorrowland anthem 2011! 


Just in the knick of time, and with Tomorrowland 2011 looming large, homegrown superstar siblings ‘Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’ join forces with Grammy award winning ‘Afrojack’, and irresistible Aussie twins ‘Nervo’ – the production duo behind the likes of Kylie Minogue, and Britney Spears – to deliver this year’s official Tomorrowland anthem! Entitled The Way We See The World, this eagerly awaited festival smasher is finally upon us, so keep your ears to the ground and feet ready to move, because this one’s insanely good!

Following on from the unprecedented success and popularity of last year’s anthem Tomorrow (feat. Dada life & Tara McDonald), the Belgian brothers were unsurprisingly commissioned to create the anthem for the second year. This time, and with global superstars Afrojack and Nervo on board, they have successfully managed to generate an entirely different, yet equally worthy, interpretation. Trademark Dimitri-Mike melodies and euphoric interludes, mind-warping Nervo vocals, and dark industrial, metallic, Afro-esque basslines – this gritty, up-beat anthem has attitude in spades. Drawing inspiration from all angles, the world-class collective exceed all expectations with a record that proves to us all that five heads are definitely better than one!

With Tomorrowland 2011 but moments away, trying to control the overwhelming excitement is proving difficult to say the least. The mere thought of how The Way We See The World will go down when performed LIVE on the festival main stage doesn’t even bare thinking about – equally at home in the early hours of dark clubs and muddy tents, don’t be surprised if you hear it everywhere you go this summer.

YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNA6vEPdvnM

SOUNDCLOUD : http://soundcloud.com/dimitrivegasandlikemike/aj-dvlm-nv-wwstw-voxmix

The Way We See The World is released on July 18th on Wall Recordings.




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