Flyer van Oddity showcase with Fur Coat, Instant live and Enos

Oddity showcase with Fur Coat, Instant live and Enos

zaterdag 15 februari 2020
23:00 -
Club Vaag - Antwerpen
Antwerpen - België

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Labyrinth Club On Tour at Club Vaag.

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@[830264610385910:274:INSTANT] live

Oddity is an imprint curated and delivered by the Venezuelan duo Fur Coat, focussing on a darker, tripped out techno sound. Having begun to drive their own careers and sound in a deeper direction, the realisation of their own label has given them the best platform to showcase this.

“Starting our own label is something that we’ve had in mind for a long time. It’s a platform for us to express ourselves and have 100% the control on the art concept we want to put on each vinyl, the music we want to show from ourselves, and the artists we share passion for, giving us the ability to invite them onto the label.

The meaning of Oddity is having something rare, odd in a good way, something really special. This whole project has been cooking for almost a year, piecing things together. We can say we are giving all our efforts to put out there the music we like with a special touch on every physical copy.” – Fur Coat

The label is giving Fur Coat the opportunity to explore artistically and promises to give a platform to new artists that fit with the sonic direction, whilst also inviting heritage talent onboard for remixing.

Flyer van Oddity showcase with Fur Coat, Instant live and Enos



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