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Andreas Royens & Cedric Willemsen (2019)
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We know eachother for a very long time.
From our childhood till now, weve been very good friends.
Something that started as a hobby, became our biggest passion!
Its kinda funny because, it all started on MSN Messenger.
Like always, we were talking about random stuff.
Then I saw that Andreas was listening to a song named: Dr.LectroyenZ.
I asked him what it was.
"Oh, nothing special.Just a mix that Ive made from some hardstyle songs."
Offcourse, because I'm a very curious person, I wanted to hear it.
So he sent it to me.
My first reaction when I heard this mix was like: "Oh my God, this is something special!"
He sent his mix, i sent my mix.
It was like we were attracted to eachother, we were attracted to the music!
Only 30 minutes later, I was @ Andreas home for making some mixes toghether.
This was the moment where "MindColliderz" were born!
3-4 times a week, we work hard in our studio to improve our skills and to bring you the finest hardstyle / tekstyle!

bookings : andreas_mindcolliderz@hotmail.com

more info @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/MindColliderz/190034827704854

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DJ Phasetonerz, DJ Skyscraperz


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