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Rakkalicious’ musical story starts at the age of 15. In that time he took his first steps in music as MC in Belgian’s only drum’n’bass-boysband ever Drum’n’HFC. With their Spanish rhymes, he and his brother spiced up Berzin & Warlowski’s d’n’b-beats all over the country. But that wasn’t enough for him, he needed to handle the turntables himself!

Strongly influenced by early mixtapes from DJ’s like TLP & Dors, he fell in love with dancehall music. The power and vibrations this music gave him and crowds anywhere caught him and did not let go ever since. After witnessing DJ Flip’s turntablism skills, he had a goal: being as good as he was! Those 2 influences made him the DJ he is nowadays: the one and only dancehall turntablist.

Ragga, reggae and dancehall are his true loves, since he started spinning. After a while though, he got influenced by other genres: hiphop, house, electro, drum’n’bass, r’n’b, soca, rock… if it makes your booty shake like a saltshaker, Rakka plays it!

And how do the sets of Rakka sound like these days? Like an energybomb! Every kind of music fits in, as long as it has a great partyvibe in it. Eventhough, dancehall and reggae stay the core of his DJ-sets. Sets? No, Rakka sees them more like shows, he´s an enertainer, he ain’t one of those many jukebox dj´s. He’s a crowdpleaser, crowdteaser, turntablist…

To put force to this vision, Rakka started to make his own remixes: dancehall mash-up style combined with rock, house, hiphop, disco… Besides that he’s also collecting the most original dubplates from the most insane artists. John Holt? Been There! Burro Banton? Done that!? Sizzla Kalonji? Yes yes!

A while ago, ABN’s frontman Quinte invited Rakka to join their forces. Like that, Rakka traveled around the country providing scratches for ABN’s live-shows. In that way, he was able to show crowds anywhere his skills. He also had the honour to scratch for holland´s champion mc, Def P.

A few years ago, Rakka started to organise the The Licious-parties together with Berzin and Warlowski. Those events grew bigger and bigger and most of biggest Belgian and foreign sounds and DJ’s were invited to play incredible back2back-sessions with Rakkalicious. Dysfunkshunal (ITF and DMC champ), Waxfiend, Civalizee Foundation, Black Frank and Raggamuffin Whiteman, just to name a few. Besides that, they also started the The Licious Deluxe-events in association with the Krak Rock-crew, inviting the biggest sounds and DJ’s al over the world.

Untill now, Rakka played at parties and events like TMF´s Coolsweat, City Queens (Vooruit, Ghent) Decadance (Ghent), Off The Wall (Oudenaarde), Krak Rock, Café Local (live broadcasted at Studio Brussel on which he won a DJ-battle against Nadiem Shah, proving that he’s an allround party-DJ as well), … and in clubs and venues in Oostende (Casino), Brugge, Lille (FR), Parijs (FR), Kortrijk, Brussel, Leuven (rumba&co)… While providing crowds with his dancehall turntablism, he shared the decks with David Rodigan, Black Chiney, Herb-a-lize It, Adam F, DJ Hype, Superdiscount, DJ Mash, Chase and Status, Benny Page, Buscemi, TLP, Madfingaz, Uruhu Sound, Hermanos Inglesos and many, many, many more...



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