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Ives got to know the art of Mc’ng when he was 15. He went to his first Hardcore party “Thunderdome @ the Antwerp sports palace”. When he entert the big hall he learned that is not only a dj that makes the crowd move there was this guy on stage next to the dj with a mic. This guy was pumping up the people making them go even more crazy with every word he said. Ives knew then that’s what he wanted to be ”a crowd pleaser” a master of ceremony or as everyone call’s him, Ives wanted to be an” MC”.

His big idol was and still is Mc Jercky. As Hardcore went more underground he started to listen to Hip hop and memorized the lyrics of Tu pac and others and started rapping him self . In 2005 he came in contact with Hardstyle and when he heard the mc’s again he was determined to become an Mc . Practising on recorded live sets of hardstyle dj’s he got more and more in to it.

In 2008 came his big break because he got in contact with Dj Re-Act. He gave him a chance to perform for his first time . Bassfase lose control was his big test, and he past it. Now he is a resident of the BassFase concept and is added to the Re-Productions artist page.

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