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This week, Armin had another big announcement to make on the A State of Trance show. He revealed the 5 contestants who, with their track, are in the running of becoming the official A State of Trance 550 anthem. Next to tunes by Shogun, W&W, Eco and Sebastian Brandt, there’s also the winner of the wildcard, Alpha Duo, that might just provide this global happening its official theme!

Armin has called all producer talents to send in their track for the official ASOT 550 theme contest. Armin announced that Shogun, W&W , Eco, Sebastian Brandt were selected to compete in the ASOT 550 Anthem Contest. He also selected a Wildcard winner, Alpha Duo. Now is the time that the voting poll for the contest opens and people are able to vote for their favourite track to be the official anthem of ASOT 550. This is your chance to vote for your favourite, by going to and select the track that you feel represents that unifying character of the ASOT 550 celebration, gives you shivers and of which you think it deserves to represent an event that will move millions. The winner of the A State of Trance 550 Anthem Contest will be announced next week, on December 15th .




Next to the Anthem Contest, the ‘A State of Trance 550 World Tour’ is in full effect . All the cities of A State of Trance 550 have been revealed and it won’t be long until the line-ups will be announced. With events in Belgrade, Moscow, Kiev, Los Angeles, Miami and the grand finale in Den Bosch on March 31st 2012, the 550th episode of the popular radio show will be celebrated big time!


The organization of A State of Trance 550 would like to remind all you Armin fans of the fact that there are still tickets available for Armin’s special warm-up set in the Hotel Packages. So if you don’t want to miss out on that extra hour of ASOT bliss, get your tickets or hotel deals now!

For more info and tickets, as well as the full line-up of the Dutch ASOT 550 show, check

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